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Warranty Service Claim Form

Covered by Warranty

  • Spots or marks from seal failure of released argon gas between window panes
  • Manufacturing imperfections in the glass that significantly obscure normal vision
  • Stress cracks from a recent window installation
  • Manufacturing defects in hardware

NOT Covered by Warranty

  • Service trips to provide instruction on product use
  • Condensation (occurs when warm air hits a cold surface (the window))
  • Slight glass curvature, minor scratches, or other imperfections in the glass that do not impair the structural integrity or significantly obscure normal vision
  • Glass breakage from negligence or vandalism
  • Rattling of grille bars within an air space
  • Tarnish or corrosion to hardware finishes
  • Acts of God, wear and tear, improper maintenance or customer neglect on product
  • Labor after one year from installation
  • Homeguard, GAF, and Exterior Portfolio¬†have their own limited warranties