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solid core siding

Trust Vinyl to Protect and Enhance The Exterior Of Your Home


Updating your home might seem like a simple and fun task at first, but it can eventually turn into an overwhelming and tedious task. Take siding for example. You might come across some pictures over the internet and decide “I want that,” but there are a lot of factors to consider…








After 60 years of installing siding, we’ve answered all the questions for you. Solid Core Vinyl Siding is the best option on the market. Period. And our installation techs can help achieve an affordable, stylish upgrade for the exterior of your home.  


Many Options. There are tons of vinyl siding options for homeowners. You can choose from a myriad of colors, textures, sizes, and even shapes.


Durable. Our Solid-Core Vinyl Siding with eShield can hold its own against all weather conditions, and is more than 10x stronger than aluminum siding (often with twice the thickness). Dent and scratch resistant solid-core siding means you’ll never have to replace siding again. And your home will never lose that fresh look.


Long Lasting. Unlike wood siding, vinyl is resistant to rot, decay, warping, and even termite infestations. In turn, your siding will last much longer than its competitors.


Energy Efficient. Our eShield insulated vinyl reduces interior/exterior temperature exchange dramatically, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. eShield, as made famous by Extreme Home Makeover, is a thin layer of insulation that is applied underneath your vinyl siding. It’s a thin layer but it makes a HUGE difference. This layer insulation is a game-changer when it comes to heating and cooling and it comes standard when you choose Install America.


Low maintenance. Vinyl siding requires minimal effort to keep clean. Easy periodic cleaning with soap and water will do the trick, and there will never be a need to paint.


So? Are you convinced yet? We guarantee (for a lifetime) that you’ll love it.

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