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15 Features of the Double Hung Window

15 Benefits of Double Hung Windows

Did you know Install America originated out of Slocomb Windows? More importantly, did you know Mr. Leon Slocomb holds 23 patents for the most energy efficient vinyl window. With all of this window expertise, you can bet we have crafted the original double hung window into something much more. This traditional style, popular window has acquired 15 key features and benefits over the years making it much more than just a window. Here is what sets a Slocomb double hung window apart from the rest.

1 – Tilt in Sashes

Both slashes on the window tilt inwards. This feature makes cleaning the double hung windows from the inside of your home much easier.

2 – Opening from bottom and top sashes

The double hung windows open from both the bottom and top sashes allowing ventilation from both ends of the window. Sashes can also easily be removed.

3 – Die Cast Cam Lock and Keeper

The cam action draws sashes closer together for a tighter lock and sleeker look. The lock enhances security and thermal performance.

4 – Warm Edge Technology

A non-conductive heat barrier stops heat transfer and reduces energy cost.

5 – 3/4″ Insulating Glass system

If the warm edge technology was not enough, a 3/4″ glass insulation system incorporated into our double hung widows should provide maximum thermal efficiency to your home. 

6 – Soft curved sash design

Allows a home to receive the energy efficient benefits of the vinyl window while maintaining the traditional traditional wood window sash look.

7 – Attractive, full-length Integral Lift Rails

Gives a window a stylish look but also makes it easy to operate the dual sashes.

8 – Heavy Walled Construction

Our windows are built to last and provide your home with strength and security.

9 – Weather Stripping 

The double hung windows deeply pocketed head increases resistance to air infiltration.

10 – Unique Cove Mold Look

This feature offers homes the benefit of the efficient vinyl window but also gives it the traditional look of a wood window.

11 – Fusion Welded Frame and Sash

Provides a home with superior strength and integrity by creating an impassable barrier to air and water.

12 – Sloped Sill

This positive feature allows for water runoff, even in driving rain.

13 – Constant Force Balance System

Allows for a smooth and maintenance free operation when opening windows.

14 – Earthwise Technology 

Earthwise technology incorporated into the windows glass provides protection against the harsh effects of weather.

15 – Interlocking Meeting Rail

This feature has passed the AAMA Forced Entry Resistance Test by providing additional security to homes. 



Providing homeowners with the traditional style and efficiency of the double hung window has always been the goal. With that same goal in mind, Mr. Leon Slocomb has taken the double hung window and created a whole new tradition. 15 beneficial features give homeowners many more options. Install America prides themselves in delivery these options through their replacement windows services. 

If your current windows lack some of these modern features there is a chance your home could use replacement windows. Installing a new double hung window could cut down energy costs, provide your home with a tradition but new and unique look, enhanced security, and an impassable strength. If your not sure your home is lacking some of these vital features you can always ask a professional to come take a look. Install America offers free, no obligation consultations. So stop wasting your money today and upgrade to new double hung windows! Click here to explore your options.

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  • Angel Bogart - April 12, 2019

    The best thing you said about double hung windows is that they’re not only build to last but they’re also weather-stripped to resist air infiltration. This is just the type of durable and sturdy traditional window installation that my grandma needs to keep her countryside home’s indoor air pure and clean. Since she’s allergic to the littlest pollen, she’d better have windows that prevent these tiny particles from passing through seams and seals.

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