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Double Hung Window

A traditional style. A double hung window opens by raising the bottom sash or lowering the top sash of the window.

Slider Window

This is a style that opens by sliding the operable sash toward the center.

Picture / Fixed Window

Stationary and cannot be opened. They are used as a main feature, providing unobstructed views while allowing a large amount of natural light through.

Casement Window

Our casement windows are hinged and open outward with a rotary crank handle. They open from the side.

Awning / Hopper

Both awning and hopper windows are hinged and open outward with a rotary crank handle. Awnings open at the bottom and hoppers open from the top

Bay Window

A bay window is decorative and projects outward, creating a sense of open space.

Bow Window

A Bow window contains four or more windows and also projects outward. Not to be confused with a Bay. 

Architectural Window

Geometric shapes are also popular as accent windows. Half-rounds, quarter-rounds, triangles and other shapes can complement the architecture of any structure.

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Defining the Market for Replacement Windows.

We manufacture and install every replacement window.


Manufacturing replacement windows is the oldest part of our business (started in 1955), and we helped bring the vinyl replacement window to market. Our founder holds 23 patents for the most energy efficient vinyl window.  Because you’ll be working with the manufacturer, you can build your new replacement windows to fit your style, energy saving goals & budget.


Peace of mind comes standard. The professional you’ll be working with has been trained from a massive knowledge base that has been building for 60+ years.

Designed for Performance

Install America concentrates on making our product the most energy efficient it can possibly be. Our efforts have allowed us to give our customers an exclusive: the most energy efficient replacement window available in the USA. From fusion-welded corners to Duralite spacers – every single detail is covered.

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What About Price? 

Energy cost drops, comfort increases and your money stays where it belongs.


The highest performing window demands the highest price right? Wrong. Getting replacement windows directly from the manufacturer cuts out ALL middlemen. The result: the best performing window for your money GUARANTEED.

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