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Saturday, August 21, 2010 @ 06:08 AM
Author: installamerica

The most common windows used in homes before the introduction of moving glasses, was known as casement windows. These windows opened towards the outside and were covered by exterior shutters that were functional. You had to use a lever, cam handle or crank to open the window. This was usually found at the bottom, which would also serve as the lock for the window. Before you buy a casement window, you need to identify what exactly is required. For example, if you will be using these types of windows in upper floors of your home, you will need a casement window that has a higher rating so it would be able to withstand the wind.

Buying casement windows can be quite confusing. But, here are a few tips that can clear the cloud and help you choose the right casement windows. The factors that you need to check before purchasing casement windows are the water resistant properties of the casement windows, if the particular brand of casement window has been certified or not, and the thermal performance among others. Being educated on the various types of casement windows can also empower you to choose better. The different kinds of casement windows available are right or left hinged, double casement windows and a triple casement which has a large window for viewing. Casement windows also have series like the 200 series, 400 series and architectural series.

The cost of a casement window is determined by its size. The rates begin at a minimum of $200 and go up as high as $1000. The rates of the casement windows differ from one manufacturer to another. It also depends on the style and options chosen by you. For example, the dual pane glass is a feature of the 200 series casement window, while the 400 series is said to be a high performance casement window due to its low E4 glass. The Architectural series has many interiors finishes along with various color options for the exterior. Buying a casement window is definitely profitable as they offer to add additional options at the same price. The additional options are different kinds of glasses, sizes, grilles and the handles used.

The new replacement windows qualify for the energy credit due to their energy efficiency. As per the law, to qualify for tax credit, the windows must have a solar heat gain coefficient which is equal to or less than 0.30. These casement style replacement windows do qualify as star performers. Your money is well spent due to the double duty done by the replacement casement windows. The money on energy bills is also saved. The cost incurred for maintenance is also reduced as the need to paint and sand does not exist anymore due to the replacement casement windows.

The energy that passes through the window might not be visible, but you can check the internet for the various statistics. Thus, you not only purchase affordable casement windows for your home, but you can also save on a lot of energy. And, you can also benefit due to the tax break.

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